2020 Mid-atlantic master farmers

Three words best describe the 2020 class of Mid-Atlantic Master Farmers: innovative, progressive and steady.  

This year’s winners come from Maryland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia:

Gary and Cindy Grossnickle. The Grossnickles, Walkersville, Md., raise 200 Holsteins and 75 Jerseys, and farm 1,300 acres of corn, soybeans and other field crops.

Mark and Mike Orr. The Orr brothers raise tree fruits on nearly 1,000 acres in Martinsburg, W.Va.

Arlin and Deborah Benner. The Benners farm 1,295 acres and raise 2,300 cows and 900 heifers in Mount Joy and Cochranville, Pa.

Arlin and Deborah Benner

Cindy and Gary Grossickle

Michael and Mark Orr

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